FOTWAY is short for Followers of the Way. is the community Website for Followers of the Way Radio and Ascension NOW! and for friends who follow the Way.

FOTWAY is a website and community for anyone who is following the Way of going within and Being from your Divine Hearts Center. We are coming into Unity around Being our Divine Self here in embodiment today. Following the Way to spiritual freedom, to unconditional Love, to Light filled sustainable and resilient communities. We believe that to bring heaven to earth, we first must bring heaven within our selves. To walk and talk as the Pure Being of Light that we really are beyond the layers of illusion that have historically created blocks within us to our coming together as a community.

The darkness on this planet has had it’s day. The Light is rising, and we are arising into Being. So if you are a Follower of the Way of Light and you are ready to climb the spiral staircase within to your own God Freedom, please join us in our community of Light! Your talents, your Love, your Being and even your ‘stuff’ is welcome here, as long as you are working on yourself, this is the community for you!

We are here to continuously transcend the illusions, transcend the understandings, transcend in Being. Love your Self as the Most Beloved and together we will Create a community that will help this planet ascend into a great golden Way of Being – a Great Golden Age! :~) Now!