In the name I AM THAT I AM, Master More, all the Masters of the Logos, all the Elohim of the

Seven Rays serving earth at this time, we decree:

1. Master More, we love the Logos
And now we do adore,[bullet_list icon=”check” indent=”10px” style=””]

  • sadfa
  • dsaf
  • sdaffsfas
  • asdfsaf
  • asdf
  • saf
  • dsaf
  • asd
  • fas
  • fdsa
  • fs
  • fsad
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  • sd

The Guru of our consciousness,
That makes our souls to soar


Master More
Ascend us up to thee,
Elevate our awareness

Move into our minds
Ascensions’ our destiny,
Moderate our desires,
Duty is all we see

2. Great universe unfolding around us
The Truth of who we are.
Master More we are so grateful,
You take us to the stars


3. Awareness in us is rising
We are More and now we see,
Master More taking us to the Logos,
Outside of duality


4. Oh Divine Master,
We are eager to ascend,
Move into our consciousness,
All our heartaches we now transcend